Who are they talking about?

Recently I was riding the elevator down to the ground level at Lifeway.  There were three other people in the elevator, they obviously knew each other because they were having a conversation. Gradually I found myself zoning into what they were saying and discovered that they were talking about some man who had done something that was apparently quite important and many people knew who this man was.

As I listened in I found out that that one of them had been to see something that the man was now doing. The other two men were really interested to find out what he was like so they asked the man who had been to see him if he had actually met the man. He responded by saying that quite by chance he had bumped into the man and had had the opportunity to have quite a long chat with him. The other two said ‘and what’s he like?’ he responded by saying that he was a really nice guy.

At that point the elevator arrived at ground level and I had to get out. As I went through the door and out into the parking lot I thought to myself ‘I wonder who on earth they were talking about’. As I thought about this a couple of things struck me in regards to the ways that we witness to who Jesus is.

Firstly, I thought, it would be great if Christians engaged in conversations with people about Jesus with the same enthusiasm and interest that these men had for this person that I did not even know.

Secondly, it occurred to me, that sometimes as Christians, we think that we should just live like Jesus said and then people will find out about Him, there is no need to say anything. If that is all we do then we might leave people thinking that we know somebody special but they may never find out who he is. So I encourage you to have conversations about the person who is really special to you and when you do, don’t forget to mention His name – Jesus.

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