‘TRULY RADICAL’ Introduction



Within scripture there are some key words that are used to describe how we ‘Join Jesus in His Mission’ as His followers.
Over time these words have become part of the Christian vocabulary and frequently come to mean something that is quite different from what the word meant when it was used in Scripture.

‘Truly Radical’ is a series of short articles that seeks to get back to the root of what these words mean. The word ‘radical’ means ‘root’ so to be truly radical means to look at and interpret what we do through the lens of scripture as opposed to looking at and interpreting scripture through the lens of what we do. The result of being truly radical is that we will be more effective in following Jesus and joining Him in His Mission rather than asking Him to join us in ours.


These articles are written for individuals and each closes with a set of questions to reflect upon. Alternatively they can be used in small groups and the questions used to provoke discussion and action.


‘Truly Radical’ looks at four key words:

1. Evangelism
2. Discipleship
3. Church
4. Prayer

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