Coaching in Missional Leadership

Rev Dennis Pethers

“I am a previous atheist who has been engaged in ministry for over 30 years. Having pastored a local church, engaged in regional, national, and international ministry, I have been privileged to learn from so many contexts. I am keen to pass on what I have learned to leaders who have, or want to regain, a passion for leading missional communities to reach the lost.”

As I travel, I meet so many church leaders, all over the world, who entered the ministry with a passion to lead the church into effective evangelism and disciple-making.

Somehow, maybe through the training that was received, or the realities of pastoring a local congregation, the passion and desire to reach people beyond the walls of the church, has been lost. Ministry has become focused only on those within the walls!

If you, as a leader are keen to (re)discover the passion, and acquire the skills, to lead a church to become effective in making disciples among people who are beyond the walls of the church then I want to help.

To this end I have developed a 12-month one-on-one coaching process for leaders who want to lead churches that will become missional communities and effectively join Jesus in His Mission.

This coaching process is not a pre-crafted curriculum. It is a dialogue that is customized for each leader as every leader is a unique person in a unique situation.

The 12-month coaching process focuses on the following:

  • Rediscovering your passion for the mission of Jesus

  • Becoming a missionally engaged leader

  • Equipping others in missional disciple-making ministry

  • Leading the church community to a missional DNA

  • Turning opposition into opportunity

The Format

  • A provisional online discussion to explore the suitability of the process for you as a leader

  • A monthly one-on-one online coaching session. This session is two hours in duration and is an open and honest dialogue that includes equipping and guidance

  • Following each coaching session, you will engage in activities that have been agreed during the coaching session. These activities will form the basis of the next one-on-one coaching session


I am not able to offer this free-of-charge but do not have a fixed cost as I am coaching leaders in different parts of the world and resources differ widely. Costs will be agreed with you prior to the commencement of the process.

To apply

If you are interested in applying to join the ‘Coaching in Missional Leadership’ process, please email me at

Please be aware that I am only able to offer one-on-one coaching to a limited number of leaders each year so cannot guarantee that I will be able to respond positively to every request.