‘Truly Radical’ – DISCIPLESHIP

  1. Discipleship is more than words.

The word ‘discipleship’ is used so much within the church. Churches have discipleship groups and there are a variety of discipleship courses that Christian believers go through as part of the ongoing teaching ministry. Continue Reading →


‘Truly Radical’ – EVANGELISM

  1. What is Evangelism?



The word ‘evangelism’ is perhaps the least favourite word for most Christians. It often conjures up fear and guilt – fear of what will happen if I try and guilt that because of my fear I don’t try!

Much of this fear stems from associating ‘evangelism’ with a particular methodology that most people feel unable to do, the result is that they think evangelism should be left to the professionals!

The result of this is that there are now millions upon millions of people growing up in a world where they are never hearing about Jesus. This is perhaps the greatest tragedy! Continue Reading →



Within scripture there are some key words that are used to describe how we ‘Join Jesus in His Mission’ as His followers.
Over time these words have become part of the Christian vocabulary and frequently come to mean something that is quite different from what the word meant when it was used in Scripture. Continue Reading →

What Does The Map Say?
A couple of years ago I was sitting with a pastor friend in his study in Virginia. As we were talking he said to me, “Dennis, I need you to tell me how we can reach the lost people in this community”. Continue Reading →